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The Rise of Box Broadband

An Interview with CEO, Graham Sargood 

Box Broadband might be new to the fibre optic revolution that is hitting the UK, but that doesn’t mean they have been slow in catching up with the ‘big guns’; quite the opposite. So, just who are Box Broadband? What do they bring to the table that is better than the competition?

CEO of Box Broadband, Graham Sargood, provides an insight into the company’s journey.

How did Box Broadband start?

The fibre revolution started six to seven years ago with a couple of companies investing in and building fibre optic infrastructure. Some operators didn’t want to go down the path of building their own fibre optic networks at the time. However, for me, it was something that I wanted to pursue. Having spent ten years in the cable industry in the 90s, I believed the next revolution was in building the UK’s fibre broadband infrastructure.

Did Covid-19 have an impact on Box Broadband’s growth?

The first Covid-19 lockdown struck during our last principal round of funding, when we were seeking investment to build across Surrey, West Sussex and other counties in the South East. Businesses across the UK were forced to re-evaluate their strategies to survive the pandemic, and that’s precisely what Box Broadband did.

Using the furlough scheme for half of our workforce, we could continue to support our existing customer base with the remaining half of our team.

As restrictions eased in 2020, our principal funding was re-launched, and, in August 2021, we received backing from Community Fibre. This new investment now allows us to build 250,000 homes, south of the M25, in towns and rural communities, and include the fibre network infrastructure to connect everyone to broadband.

Having survived fourteen months in tick-over mode, where we finished the infrastructure builds that were 90% complete to get customers connected, the company has gone on from strength to strength. It has expanded its customer base incrementally, closing off areas like Cranleigh in Surrey.

What have been the best bits of Box Broadband’s journey so far?

For me, there have been several stand-out points in Box Broadband’s journey and a multitude of firsts. It’s always exciting to start a company in a sector that has tremendous growth potential. Still, in a short time, the company has raised significant investment in our funding rounds, allowing us to realise our vision.

New offices were opened in Cranleigh, the team started to grow, and we have built fantastic relationships with hugely supportive investors and DCMS.

What has stood out throughout the last three years, especially through the coronavirus pandemic, is the belief, support and dedication of the entire Box Broadband team. Not only has that been humbling and just outstanding, but it has also been transformational. With a bedrock in place on which the company can develop, it is another step along the success path. Growing a brand in an area when you’re starting from nothing makes it all worthwhile.

Box Broadband is an internet service provider in the South East providing hyperfast fibre-optic broadband services to the community. We bring next-generation broadband that is local, responsive and fast, connecting businesses and communities 24/7.

Get connected to fast, reliable fibre broadband no matter where you are located.

For more information – Contact Box Broadband on 0330 113 0180.