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Packages available in Ellen’s Green & Walliswood

Whether you’re streaming tv, have multiple users, involved with online conferencing or playing online games, select a package that’s right for you.
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Box 100


Say goodbye to sluggish copper connections and feel the difference with our fast fibre broadband. No more buffering, service interruptions or loss of performance for multiple users.
Starting from:


per month
*Avg. download and upload 95Mbps

Box 300


Ultrafast fibre broadband giving smooth, seamless connection for multiple users. Enjoy watching films, sports or while other members of the family are gaming, chatting or sharing.
Starting from:


per month
*Avg. download and upload 280Mbps

Box 1000


Enjoy ultrafast streaming, gaming, uploads, downloads and connectivity for all of your connected devices. You can also request a static IP address for greater flexibility.
Starting from:


per month
*Avg. download and upload 850Mbps

Home Phone

+ £10.00

per month*
*£15 set up fee


+ £10.00

per month*
*£10 set up fee

WiFi Extenders

+ £7.00

per month*
*£7 for first extender and £3 per extender thereafter

Static IP Address

+ £5.00

per month*
*Per IP Address
Terms & Conditions apply. Check our homepage for current offers.


Box Broadband have provided Hurtwood House School with diverse internet redundancy. A challenging feat in the depths of the Surrey Hills. Box are a genuine alternative to BT infrastructure and the service is working fantastically, with great local support for any questions.

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When Box Broadband was being introduced to Ewhurst, I met two delightful representatives, and decided to go with them.
It was one of the best decisions I have ever made! There have been very few problems, and every one has been solved immediately. I am very impressed and extremely grateful to everyone involved.

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Box Broadband was the only company that was prepared to take on Pitch Hill and they certainly delivered. Moving from less than 1mbps to 1gbps has transformed my life and enabled me to join the real world and no longer do I have to drive to Gomshall station and sit in the car to Zoom and work close to a mobile signal. I cannot fault the dedication and determination of Box Broadband to achieve what they have done for me and my neighbours. It took a while to build the network but it was so worth the wait.

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Absolutely delighted with the whole package of personal Customer Service team and installation. Would not hesitate to recommend Box Broadband.

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Excellent Customer Service and very caring.

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Partnering with the community to deliver Ultrafast Full fibre to all of Ellen’s Green & Walliswood

Having planned its network in 2020, aligned to the business chamber and local community, 2021 has seen the the first homes go live with a full years worth of build to follow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, yes.

The router that we provide outputs a regular telephone port and most existing corded or cordless handsets will work fine with this.

It is important to note that once switched to us, any existing telephone sockets that you may have around your home will no longer function. This is why we recommend the use of a cordless phone system so that you can place the main base unit next to your router and place secondary cordless handsets where you need them.

You may be able to have your existing telephone cabling re-wired to be fed from our router if preferred but this is not a function that our engineers offer.

The only technical limitation that we have seen is that some handsets are unable to recognise how Caller ID is transmitted over a digital line, namely B&O and some older Panasonic cordless phones, however they can still make and receive calls just fine.

Yes, you are free to use almost any router you prefer to receive our service.
At the time that your installation is conducted, you will be provided with one of our standard issue routers. If you would like to use your own instead, we would swap this out for you once everything is tested to be working fine. In this case we will provide a bridge modem.
Your own router will need to support:
  • 1Gb RJ45 copper or SFP WAN port
  • PPPoE connection ability over a VLAN.
We can help with most routers to get you setup correctly.
An important thing to note is that by using your own router this will alter the way in which we can offer you a telephone service because our usual routers also provide the telephone function. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we have a number of options that should cater to most installations.
We will try as best as possible to provide you with support whilst using your own router, however we cannot guarantee the speed or reliability of customer’s own equipment so in the event of a fault with your service we may need to switch you back to one of our units for troubleshooting purposes.
This is a question that we are often asked.
Unfortunately, Sky do not allow the wireless extender functionality of their Q boxes with any other internet provider but themselves. If you are currently making use of this feature, it will cease to function when connected to our router (or a router from any other ISP for that matter).
It’s also important to note that Sky Q Mini boxes (the small ones) will not connect to a third-party router or wireless extenders. They can only be connected to other Sky boxes, a Sky-branded extender, or a wired ethernet connection. The main Q box however will connect fine to our wireless.
These limitations of Sky Q may require some alteration of your existing network in some cases so please speak to us to discuss your options if necessary.
This is a frequently-asked question.
Although we are not partnered with BT to provide this service, there are various ways that you can still watch it.
Our recommended method is via Sky who can include it as part of a TV or Freesat package with them. You can also watch it online or via the mobile/tablet app.
If you are currently with BT and have a “TV Box” or “YouView Box” with them, this will not function with our broadband due to licensing restrictions in place with BT. They are only partnered with a small number of companies to allow use of their Youview box, unfortunately Box Broadband are not included in this list.
This page on the BT website may be useful relating to this topic: https://www.bt.com/help/bt-sport/orders-and-upgrade/how-do-i-get-bt-sport-#notbt
We have had this question a few times now and it stems from a misunderstanding of the difference between 5G and 5GHz.
5G in it’s usual sense stands for “5th Generation” and relates to mobile phone networks, we do not have any involvement with mobile networks.
What our routers do support is the 5GHz wifi frequency which allows you to receive fast wireless speeds in your home. This is not related to “5G” mobile networks at all and is compliant with all regulatory guidelines on RF transmittance.
At Box Broadband we like to provide the fastest speeds possible to all customers. We never artificially limit speeds and we’ll always be transparent about the speeds available to you as well as with any known problems which may cause a slower connection than expected. We understand that many customers want to ensure that they are getting the speed that they pay for, and for this reason , the below information will help ensure that your tests are as accurate as possible.

Quick Links
What you will need:
  • Where possible, a PC or laptop using a wired network connection, ideally straight to the router that we provide.
  • If you use any sort of VPN connection, you will need to disable it to measure your speed. Also close all other software apart from your web browser.
  • Disconnect or turn off any devices that make heavy use of your connecton (such as game consoles, streaming boxes) whilst running the test.
Important to know:
  • Use a testing website which is located close to you or the network that you are testing. For Box Broadband, this will be London.
  • Speed tests measure the speed between two points, this will be between your computer/device, and the website that you are testing on, any weak connection along the whole path will affect your results.
  • For this reason, tests over wifi are very much discouraged, because wifi by it’s nature will cause your results to show as a lower speed than the incoming connection that we provide, especially on our Silver or Gold packages.
  • Speed testing websites vary significantly form one site to the next in both their location and capacity. Many sites can produce unpredictable results. So we only recommend the sites at the top of this page.
  • There may be speed fluctuations at busy times of day as with any internet provider, this is due to contention. Even at the busiest times, you should never notice a slow down or not be able to perform any particular activity. We continually monitor the utilisation of our networks and add capacity where customer demand requires it.
  • Due to the nature of network usage patterns, speed testing sites and device abilities, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full speed of your package at all times and/or on all devices. Whilst we can offer advice on distributing your connection around your home via various methods both wired and wireless, we can’t guarantee the performance of any customer’s own equipment or any device beyond the router that we provide.
Our recommendation:
Run the speed test on a wired computer and try all of the above mentioned testing sites, run each test multiple times over several minutes to work out an average. Also try running the test at different times of day. Our typical busiest periods are between 11am and 9pm.

Results not what you expect?
  • On a Windows laptop, if you see test results consistently around 300Mbps, try booting your laptop into “Safe mode with networking” and re-run the test.
  • If you have to use a wireless device for testing, using a 5Ghz wireless connection you’ll most often see up to 300Mbps and a maximum of 500Mbps.
  • When using any device on a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, expect to see up to 70Mbps.a
  • Remember, a speed test will only be as fast as it’s weakest link, the vast majority of enquiries that we receive regarding speed are due to tests performed on a wireless connection.
In order for us to help you:
If you are experiencing speeds consistently lower than you’d expect, please contact us, we’ve got a friendly team ready to help. First we’ll confirm how you’re currently testing the speed, what issues this is causing for you and suggest any improvements that you can make to your systems to see faster results. Should our initial recommendations not resolve the issues that you’re having then one of our engineers will visit to perform testing at your property to further locate where any issue or fault may be.
The installation service can sometimes be a little more involved than some customers realise.
First and formost will be the labour and materials for our engineers to run the new fibre cable into your home, it’s not uncommon for this to take half a day or sometimes longer depending on the complexity or cable route that is required. It also covers the supply of your router or modem to get you connected and where chosen also the costs of transferring your existing telephone number to us.
The installation process will provide you with a suitable router or modem to allow you to use our full fibre broadband. Our engineers will test the connection on the day to ensure that it is working correctly and advise you of the details on the label of the router for you to connect your devices to the new wireless network.
The installation charge does not cover assistance with re-configuring complex networks or home automation systems onto the new service, although our engineer may help you connect your everyday devices such as a smartphone or laptop should they have a little spare time after completing the installation. If you have an existing IT or AV support provider they are often best-placed to provide support for your network and get everything connected for you, however we can offer additional services to help with other networking and wireless coverage, please contact us to discuss your requirements and to obtain a quote if required.