Fibre wires focusing on one element

Box Broadband takes on Surrey and West Sussex

Have you been experiencing slow internet speeds in your area? Most broadband companies use copper cables which decrease the speed from the fibre optic cable that joins you to their network. This is where we come in! Box Broadband are establishing full fibre networks all over Surrey and West Sussex to ensure that everyone has access to top ultrafast speeds. Providing the ultimate Gigabit internet experience is our forte, allowing you to watch all TV services in up to 8K that require a good connection (Including but not limited to Netflix, SkyQ, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and other smart TV options), play games and browse the web without unnecessary lagging. We think it’s about time you gained access to fast and reliable internet.
Our packages cover Ultrafast internet and phone services to both residential and business customers. Our recent success in securing substantial funding will allow us to select locations across the South of England to set up full fibre-optic broadband services in. We plan to build a network that covers over 250,000 homes by the end of 2024. We are currently accelerating our build programme to expand our network further, as well as consolidating the build in areas that we already have an established infrastructure. Getting involved with the local communities is important to us so if you see any of our staff or spot one of our banners, come and say hello!
We offer the following 3 industry leading packages which will be up to 25x faster than your current service:
  • Gold 1Gb/s– Our Hyperfast Gigabit service is ideal for high-volume streaming, uploads and IoT. (Peak speed is 1Gpbs, this typically runs between 600Mbps and 1Gb/s)
  • Silver 250Mbps– Ultrafast fibre broadband for higher volume internet usage, gaming, streaming and sharing files. Ideal for busy families!
  • Bronze 100Mbps– Our entry-level Superfast fibre option will transform your enjoyment of standard broadband services.
Working from home has been a huge adjustment for everyone over the past two years. Fuss free home working is imperative to us, we want to make sure your zoom meetings run smoothly, as it seems this could continue for the foreseeable future. Even though the future is unknown, we would like to ensure there is no uncertainty around your internet speeds. We believe everyone should have access to high-speed full fibre broadband.
Require support? Contact Box Broadband on 0330 113 0180.