Frequently asked questions
Whilst we’re not allowed to guarantee top speeds due to advertising regulations, in the vast majority of cases you will receive these speeds coming into your house. However, it’s important to know that a single device in your house is unlikely to utilise this full speed on its own, or provide accurate speed tests at such high speeds due to multiple factors. Our 1Gb service is best utilised in a household with many devices simultaneously accessing the internet, this is where you will see the real benefit of it.
Certainly. Firstly it’s important to know that wifi devices will never reach the full 1Gbps speed that we are able to provide. Recent model mobile phones and tablets/iPads should be expected to see up to 500Mbps upload and download speeds, this is due to limitations of mobile devices and wireless technology. Recent model laptops can expect to see up to 650Mbps over a wireless connection in ideal conditions. To improve wireless coverage in your house, we can provide a wireless survey and recommend several suitable options to allow you the best speed and coverage throughout your home.
This depends. In general, no, because our telephone service is digital and most alarm systems rely on receiving an analogue telephone signal in order to correctly transmit their telemetry information. Any burglar alarm labelled “Redcare” is not compatible. In terms of elderly nurse/care alarms, we can confirm that Tunstall Lifeline systems connecting through a telephone line are not compatible. If unsure, please contact the company who supplies your alarm equipment and ask if it is compatible with “voip”, “digital” or “internet” phone lines.
This is up to you. Because our broadband runs over a separate dedicated fibre cable into your home, it is not linked to any existing connection you may have in any way. You can opt to run the two side by side if you prefer to have a backup connection for any reason, or alternatively, if you transfer your telephone number to us, any existing broadband connection on that same line will automatically terminate on the date that your telephone transfers to us.